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Vol. 222. Issue 2.
Pages 63-122 (February 2022)
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Original articles
Changes over time in the association between type 2 diabetes and post-discharge outcomes in decompensated chronic heart failure patients: Findings from the RICA Registry
F.J. Carrasco-Sánchez, M.I. Páez-Rubio, J.C. Arévalo-Lorido, J. Carretero-Gómez, A. Conde-Martel, F. Epelde, P. Álvarez-Rocha, M.P. Salamanca-Bautista, ... on behalf of the RICA Registry working group
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:63-72
Health outcomes after the implementation of multidisciplinary clinical guidelines for the care of hip fractures
T. Casanova Querol, J.M. Santiago Bautista, M. Lafuente Salinas, E. Güell Farré, J. Girós Torres, M. Martín-Baranera, R. Miralles Basseda
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:73-81
Comprehensive management of risk factors in peripheral vascular disease. Expert consensus
V. Barrios, P. Beato, C. Brotons, R. Campuzano, J.F. Merino-Torres, J.M. Mostaza, N. Plana, J.A. Rubio, ... CREVASP working group
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:82-90
Open access
Impact of the mutation profile on thrombotic risk in cancer patients
J.A. Páramo, M. Marcos-Jubilar, R. Lecumberri
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:93-9
Diabetic cardiomyopathy
A. Lorenzo-Almorós, J.M. Cepeda-Rodrigo, Ó. Lorenzo
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:100-11
Medicine in images
Ostesyntesis-associated infection by S. aureus and the role of PET/CT in the diagnosis of septic complications
R. Roa-Chamorro, A. Godoy-Montijano, A. Moral-Ruiz
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:112-3
Abdominal pain: Initial clinical manifestation of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
S. Sanz-Baena, A. Díaz-Menéndez, P. Quintana-Valcarcel
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:114-5
Hospital health personnel’s knowledge of initiatives on the appropriateness of clinical practice
P. Tudela, G. Ezcurra, C. Gaona, A. Urrutia
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:118-20
Healthcare professionals diagnosed by COVID-19 at work: The right for it to be classified as an occupational disease
G. Martí Amengual, P. Sanz Gallen, C. Martin-Fumadó, J. Arimany-Manso
Rev Clin Esp. 2022;222:120-2
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