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Differential risk for COVID-19 in the first wave of the disease among Spaniards and migrants from different areas of the world living in Spain
C. Guijarro, E. Pérez-Fernández, B. González-Piñeiro, V. Meléndez, M.J. Goyanes, M.E. Renilla, M.L. Casas, I. Sastre, M. Velasco
Available online 8 March 2021
Characterization of the hypertriglyceridemic waist phenotype in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Spain: an epidemiological study
I. Miñambres, J. Sánchez-Hernandez, G. Cuixart, A. Sánchez-Pinto, J. Sarroca, A. Pérez
Available online 7 March 2021
Breast plasmacytoma as a manifestation prior to relapse of multiple myeloma
E. López Rodríguez, R.M. Álvarez Pérez, J.M. Jiménez-Hoyuela García
Available online 6 March 2021
Methodological guidelines for preparing a structured therapeutic patient education program: from design to evaluation
M.J. Bertran-Luengo, M. Jansà-Morató, M. Vidal-Flor, M. Núñez-Juárez, P. Isla-Pera, J. Escarrabill-Sanglas
Available online 5 March 2021
The early use of sepsis scores to predict respiratory failure and mortality in non-ICU patients with COVID-19
A. Lalueza, J. Lora-Tamayo, C. de la Calle, J. Sayas-Catalán, E. Arrieta, G. Maestro, M. Mancheño-Losa, Á. Marchán-López, R. Díaz-Simón, R. García-García, M. Catalán, A. García-Reyne, B. de Miguel-Campo, C. Lumbreras
Available online 3 March 2021
Liver abscess in «anchovy paste»; Amebiasis alert
I. Solares, P Kessler
Available online 1 March 2021
Validity of lung ultrasound to rule out iatrogenic pneumothorax performed by pulmonologists without experience in this procedure
C. Ramos Hernández, M. Núñez Delgado, M. Botana Rial, C. Mouronte Roibás, V. Leiro Fernández, C. Vilariño Pombo, R. Tubío Pérez, M. Nuñez Fernández, A. Fernández Villar
Available online 1 March 2021
Asthma control and adherence to clinical practice guidelines: mission impossible?
F.J. Alvarez-Gutiérrez
Available online 28 February 2021
Is nutrition the forgotten risk factor in COVID-19 infection?
J. Carretero Gómez, J.P. Miramontes González, C. Dueñas Gutiérrez, J.C. Arévalo Lorido
Available online 27 February 2021
Prognostic value of multimodal assessment of congestion in acute heart failure
J. Rubio-Gracia, I. Giménez-López, C. Josa-Laorden, M.M. Sánchez-Marteles, V. Garcés-Horna, F. Ruiz-Laiglesia, P. Sampériz Legarre, E. Bueno Juana, B. Amores-Arriaga, J.I. Pérez-Calvo
Available online 27 February 2021
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