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Prevalence and factors associated with frailty in older hospitalized patients: A point-prevalence study
Hatice Yüceler Kaçmaz, Ayser Döner, Hilal Kahraman, Sibel Akin
Available online 3 December 2022
Etiology of avascular necrosis of the hip and shoulder. Screening for Gaucher disease
J.Á. Cuenca-Gómez, C. Ocaña-Losada, P. Crujeiras, D. Rodrigues, M. Martínez-Espinosa
Available online 2 December 2022
Description of the experience of a clinical ethics consultation service from 2019 to 2021
E. López-Urrutia, A. Sancha, D. Useros, J.M. Galván-Román, Í. García-Sanz, F. Casals, J. Fernández-Bueno, D. Real de Asúa
Available online 30 November 2022
The rise and fall of monkeypox
J. Ena, R.P. Wenzel
Available online 25 November 2022
Doping and sports endocrinology: anabolic-androgenic steroids
J.A. García-Arnés, N. García-Casares
Open access
Available online 23 November 2022
Mpox and pregnancy: A neglected disease and its impact on perinatal health
M.A. Velázquez-Cervantes, J.M. Ulloa-Aguilar, M. León-Juárez
Available online 5 November 2022
The misnomer of ‘elderly’
A. Ruiz-Cantero
Available online 5 November 2022
Utility of probability scores for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism in patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection: A systematic review
A.I. Franco-Moreno, A. Bustamante-Fermosel, J.M. Ruiz-Giardin, N. Muñoz-Rivas, J. Torres-Macho, D. Brown-Lavalle
Available online 12 October 2022
Women’s leadership in clinical research: A retrospective observational study over two decades in Spain
E. Villamañán, E. Fernández de Uzquiano, E. García, C. Sobrino, A. del Pozo, C. Carpio, A. Herrero, E. Armada, R. Álvarez-Sala, A. Castro
Available online 29 September 2022
SOX2 como posible biomarcador pronóstico y diana molecular en el cáncer de pulmón: metaanálisis
K. Zang, Z.-H. Yu, M. Wang, Y. Huang, X.-X. Zhu, B. Yao
Available online 6 August 2022
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