Revista Clínica Española (English Edition) Revista Clínica Española (English Edition)
Rev Clin Esp 2002;202:255-8 - Vol. 202 Num.5
Crisis hipertensiva: prevalencia y aspectos clínicos
Hypertensive crises: prevalence and clinical aspects
M. Rodríguez Cerrilloa, P. Mateos Hernándeza, C. Fernández Pinillaa, N. Martell Clarosa, M. Luque Oteroa
a Hospital Cl??nico Universitario San Carlos. Madrid.
Objective. To analyze the prevalence and characteristics of patients with hypertensive crises and to know the clinical differences between patients with hypertensive urgencies and patients with hypertensive emergencies. Patients and methods. Three-months prospective study in which all patients attended at the Emergency Department with an hypertensive crisis (arterial blood pressure of at least 210/120 mmHg) were included. From each patient, a clinical history, physical examination, eye fundus examination, blood analysis, electrocardiogram, and a chest X-ray were obtained. Results. A total of 118 patients were included in the study, representing 0.65% of all attended emergencies. Twenty-two percent of them had an emergency hypertensive crisis. Coronary heart disease was the most common cause for this emergency crisis. Hypertension was unknown to 12.7% of patients and 12.6% of patients aware of their condition were not taking any medication. Twenty-four percent of patients were diabetic. Patients with hypertensive emergencies had more involvement of target organs. Twenty-four percent of crises resolved with no therapy, and captopril was the most commonly used drug. Conclusions. Hypertensive crises accounted for 0.65% of attended emergencies at our institution. Coronary heart disease was the most common condition for hypertensive emergencies. Patients with hypertensive emergencies had a more severe involvement of target organs. Twenty four percent of crisis resolved with rest alone.
Palabras clave
crisis hipertensiva, cardiopatía isquémica, riesgo cardiovascular, tratamiento, captopril
hypertensive crises, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular risk factors, treatment, captopril
Rev Clin Esp 2002;202:255-8 - Vol. 202 Num.5